This is Exactly the Kind of Graffiti I Want to See on My Streets

Artist mobstr decided to have a little fun with the guy who has to paint over graffiti on one red and brick building on his commute to work. What ensued is a delightful back and forth battle of sorts.

Warning: adult language ahead.

Quelle: This is Exactly the Kind of Graffiti I Want to See on My Streets – Cheezburger

This is Exactly the Kind of Graffiti I Want to See on My Streets. Originally published on Scouting the World

Awesome Graffiti of Tenerife

Tenerife – the largest of Spain’s beautiful Canary Islands – is home to an enormous amount of creativity, from the flower carpets of the Corpus Christi celebrations right through to world renowned architecture such as Santiago Calatrava’s stunning Auditorio de Tenerife.

The Fifth Beatle

One thing we all love about LA is the street art that pops up around various neighborhoods and landmarks. It’s often fleeting so you need to stop for a moment and appreciate it while it lasts.

Light Graffiti

Lichtfaktor’s Light Graffiti is a long-time favorite of TheCoolist, having been featured on these very pages in the past.  Lichtfaktor‘s work is unparalleled in the world of light graffiti, where urban environments meet a form of light-based architecture that merge into amazing imagery.

Typography Street Art

The streets today would be boring without all the street art, and that’s a plain fact. Luckily we have tons of street artists going around decorating boring pavements, concrete walls and One of those street artists is Mobstr from Newcastle, UK.