We all remember the summer days when we used to lie on the grass, watching the clouds, making up stories and trying to catch them. This is what french artist Laurent Millet did in his dreamy series ‘Nuées’.

The Creators Project: San Francisco Photo Gallery

We may be back in New York City, but we still haven’t quite come off the high of our Creators Project: San Francisco event. We saw more than 25,000 San Franciscans pass through Fort Mason this weekend to experience the interactive art installations, musical performances, film screenings and panels of our two-day cultural extravaganza. Even the Mayor came out to celebrate the convergence of art and technology with us.

Chris Milk’s The Treachery of Sanctuary. Photo by Bryan Derballa.

Life is irrational

The French artist Philippe Ramette creates great imagery whose purpose is not so much their daily ordinary application. In his words, “I imagine what we could see,” and then stages his ideas in photographs. Based in some bizarre situations, he constructs awkward images of rational, carefully planned irrational situations (if that makes any sense).

Infamous ”27 Club”

Home Privacy Policy Contact AboutInfamous ”27 Club”Some of the rock stars certainly wanted their music to live forever, but judging their lifestyles, same wishes didn’t apply to their own lives. The infamous ”27 Club”, also known as the ”Forever 27 Club”, is a name for a group of influential rock and blues musicians who all died at the age of 27. The deaths of these rock stars really changed the way we look at rock music.