paul de ruiter architects: villa v

Situated near bloemendaal – on the edge of the kennemer dunes – a sustainable home by dutch architect paul de ruiter is conceived,  implementing a design that shows respect for man and nature alike. ‘villa v’ is the first home built in park brederode, a unique residential area where the existing flora and fauna are given full reign.

Source: paul de ruiter architects: villa v


The Khooll

“The Khooll” is a digital design & life style magazine. Lifestyle magazine is an umbrella term for popular magazines concerned with lifestyle. There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a lifestyle magazine. It is often used to encompass a number of men’s, women’s magazines and magazines about design, health and fitness, tourism, leisure, fashion, decorating, or culture. The concept is chiefly used in reference to a magazine’s tone. So here we go, this is our take on it… Enjoy Responsibly.

FAKT hovers an undulating aluminium cloudscape within a french courtyard

during the 2015 edition of the lively architecture festival, FAKT has realized an aluminium cloudscape that seems to weightlessly hover within a provincial courtyard in montpellier. the berlin and zurich-based studio have conceived ‘#034′ as a spatial and structural experiment — two sheets of 2mm thick aluminum undulates inside the semi-outdoor space, spanning a distance of 6.4 meters long by 4.5 meters wide. the two paper-like layers subtly bend, crinkle and wrinkle in juxtaposition with each other, creating apertures that allow visitors to peer through the installation to the other side of the courtyard.

Source: FAKT hovers an undulating aluminium cloudscape within a french courtyard

Beautiful Packaging & Print Designs

We’re often bombarded with a wide mix of packaging designs throughout our day. From the breakfast cereals in the morning to commercials in front of the TV before we hit the sack. The majority of consumers judge the quality of product by the packaging and with so many products out there, packaging design is as important as ever. Effective packaging today breaks away from the standard rules and styles to give the product a unique edge to make it stand out from the noise. Here’s a new collection nice packaging designs that we feel does just that.

Source: Beautiful Packaging & Print Designs | From up North

Psychedelic Lights Illuminate the Floor of a 13th-Century Castle Courtyard

We love how French artist Miguel Chevalier can transform interior spaces like churches and castles into a kaleidoscope of colors. Magic Carpets 2014 is a recent installation that comes alive at night across the octagonal inner courtyard at the Castel del Monte, a 13th-century architectural beauty located in southeast Italy.

Source: Psychedelic Lights Illuminate the Floor of a 13th-Century Castle Courtyard – My Modern Met

Wie die Fotokünstlerin Flora Borsi Mensch und Tier verschmelzen lässt

Hyperrealistische Portraits aus Budapest.

Flora Borsi, 22 Jahre alt, ist bildende Fotokünstlerin. Die Ungarin hat eine Vorliebe für Surreales und wollte schon seit sie fünf ist Künstlerin werden. Sie kreiert Fotomanipulationen, die bunt, mysteriös und wundervoll wirken. Von der Fotografie kam sie zur Bildbearbeitung – und wirkt wie eine moderne Interpretation von Salvador Dalí.

Source: Wie die Fotokünstlerin Flora Borsi Mensch und Tier verschmelzen lässt

Artist Draws Untranslatable Love Words from Around the World

Written by Flynn Matthews

Illustrator Emma Block and jewelry designer Vashi have collaborated to display the language of love visually. There are 6,500 languages in the world, some of which have less than 1,000 people who speak them, and not every expression in one language has a similar word in a different language.

Source: Artist Draws Untranslatable Love Words from Around the World | FreeYork

Designer Transforms Old School Analog Devices into Autonomous Drawing Machines

Concentrating on projects that incorporate the repurposing of obsolete analog devices, graphic designer Echo Yang transforms wind-up toys, cassette tape Walkmans and wind-up alarm clocks into drawing machines capable of creating complex works of art. His latest project titled “Autonomous Machines” explores the algorithm inside the ordinary objects around us. Yang explains, “I see the mechanical system inside the machines as a unique language. Machines are produced, as they are demanded and required in particular circumstance or era, they act as a witness to history. By making use of the specific mechanical movement of a particular machine, I attempt to transform them into a drawing machines in the simplest way.”

Source: Designer Transforms Old School Analog Devices

Designer Transforms Old School Analog Devices into Autonomous Drawing Machines. Originally published on Scouting the World