Optical Glass House

By Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP, Project description:

This house is sited among tall buildings in downtown Hiroshima, overlooking a street with many passing cars and trams. To obtain privacy and tranquility in these surroundings, we placed a garden and optical glass façade on the street side of the house. The garden is visible from all rooms, and the serene soundless scenery of the passing cars and trams imparts richness to life in the house. Sunlight from the east, refracting through the glass, creates beautiful light patterns.

Optical Glass House. Originally published on Scouting the World


Over the last 20 years Jonathan Segal FAIA & Development Company has has won numerous awards for their urban design—and you can chalk up another beauty with the Lemperle Residence in La Jolla, California.

the infinite garden

the ‘outside-in’ garden by architects meir lobaton corona and ulli heckmann, is conceived as a visual paradox for the 22nd international garden festival of chamont sur loire, france – a device that enhances conditions in order to make the audience realize how by relying only on sight, they rely on imagination.

The Long Barn Studio

Nicolas Tye Architects is an award winning company that pushes the very boundaries of design to create timeless and inspirational architecture; not only in creating exclusive and persistently high quality environments for all people, but by recognising that the world around us is ceaselessly changing.

House in a Pine Wood

The architectural office ‘Sundaymorning’ by italian architects Fabio Candido and Massimo Fiorido Associati works on architectural, urban and graphic design, covering multiple levels of discipline. Their new project was created by the occasion of renovating a poorly built summer residence from the mid-sixties, surrounded by pine wood and dunes.


Atelierworkshop Architects created the Port-a-Bach container home. The up-cycling containers can be an effective answer for large scale projects if portability, site access, robustness and security are required. They also developed prototypes that use the existing container connections to attached solar and wind equipment. The Port-a-Bach container is not in production yet, they are looking for commercial partners in order to mass produce it.

Tepoztlan Lounge

Cadaval & sola-morales architects created the Tepoztlan Lounge, a central communal space for leisure in nature. The project is a negotiation between interior and exterior, a construction of an inbetween condition. The limits between the open and the content space merge to produce a single architectural entity. The design establishes three separate living quarters designed in accordance to the 3 activities planned.

Miami chapel, florida

mexico city and new york city-based practice FREE have won a competition to design and execute the ‘miami chapel’ for thecatholic community in miami, florida. devoted to the mexican virgin our lady of guadalupe, the practice chose to representall of the virgins of the latin american cultures.

Robinson Road House

Steve Domoney Architecture explains that two defining notions drove the design for this Robinson Road House in Melbourne, Australia. Firstly, the recognition that the street is currently in transition with the post war brick bungalow style dwelling giving way to more recent contemporary dwellings.