We all remember the summer days when we used to lie on the grass, watching the clouds, making up stories and trying to catch them. This is what french artist Laurent Millet did in his dreamy series ‘Nuées’.


Over the last 20 years Jonathan Segal FAIA & Development Company has has won numerous awards for their urban design—and you can chalk up another beauty with the Lemperle Residence in La Jolla, California.

Under the wave…

Abgetaucht: Der australische Fotograf Mark Tipple hat eine Fotoserie veröffentlicht, die von der Schönheit unter Wasser erzählt. Das Bild diesen jungen Mannes machte Tipple zufällig – es war seine Inspiration für sein “Unterwasserprojekt”.

sausage fingers

In Korea, sales of a snack sausage increase by almost 40% in the winter as iPhone users utilize the sausage as a stylus in order to avoid removing their gloves.I was unable to locate a link to an English language website confirming the story but it appears to be real I think this is a Korean news site.

Nina Leen | Masters of Photography

Russian-born Nina Leen was one of the first female photographers to shoot for LIFE magazine, which, fortunately for us, means there’s a ton of her work available on the Google LIFE photo archives. While mostly known for her work with animals including a dog named Lucky that she adopted and apparently put hats on, it’s Leen’s photographs of women that I find most fascinating.

the infinite garden

the ‘outside-in’ garden by architects meir lobaton corona and ulli heckmann, is conceived as a visual paradox for the 22nd international garden festival of chamont sur loire, france – a device that enhances conditions in order to make the audience realize how by relying only on sight, they rely on imagination.

The Long Barn Studio

Nicolas Tye Architects is an award winning company that pushes the very boundaries of design to create timeless and inspirational architecture; not only in creating exclusive and persistently high quality environments for all people, but by recognising that the world around us is ceaselessly changing.

Plus-size Painting

Fabienne Verdier paints with unconventionally large tools. She creates her own brushes, made from substances like sheep hair, duck down, or horse hair, sometimes reaching 6 feet long and over 150 pounds. The brushes are suspended with rope, and then handled physically, or with the help of a pair of bicycle handlebars.

Breathtaking Photos

Caged monkeys await their fate at a medical laboratory in Hubei Province, China. The judges liked that this image subverts the usual romanticized approach to wildlife photography and more accurately reflects the fate of many of the world’s animals.

By Li Feng, China