Gas Stations On Cold Winter Nights

Darkness, desolation and coldness are associations we get when looking at this photo series “Cold Stations, 2009″ by English photographer Matthew Barnes. This does not mean that it is not impressive! These beautiful images remind us of quiet American winter nights.

Gas Stations On Cold Winter Nights

Hyperrealistic Sculptures

Don’t be fooled, realistic as he is, he is not real.” I like to use the human form as a way of exploring the nature of what we consider to be “real” and how we react when our visual perceptions of this reality are challenged. In our modern society we have become obsessed with our outward appearance, and now with modern technology we are able to alter this in almost anyway we desire. How does this outward change affect us and how we are perceived by others? ” – Jamie Salmon.

Animals dressed up as people

Barcelona-based photographer and filmmaker, Yago Partal, has created captivating and surreal pictures that blend the animal world with the iconic fashion and poses identified with celebrities and models in his series “Zoo Portraits”. In this photo we see a lemur become humanized.


Alive and well

If a work of art was described as being “alive,” most people probably would assume this meant it was an especially inspiring piece. Perhaps they would take it to mean the art was a stunning work of realism, or that it had the power to move in profound ways. They probably wouldn’t take the description literally.

Dazzling Fireflies Display

The magic of fireflies caught by long exposure photographs taken in Japan. As the original source is the Japanese language website Digital Photo Blog we don’t have a lot of information about the photographers, but it seems that these photos were taken in the rainy months of June and July in Maniwa, Japan in recent years – the most recent photos are dated 2011, the earliest 2008.

Before and After Shots of Joggers

Last summer, Sacha Goldberger decided he would take on a very interesting project. He assembled a team who helped him create an outdoor studio at Bois de Boulogne, a park located near Paris that’s 2 1/2 times the size of New York’s Central Park. He stopped joggers, asking them for a favor – would they sprint for him and then pose right after for his camera? Many obliged. Out of breath, these joggers showed an overwhelming amount of fatigue on their faces.

Industrial Renovation: The Gasometers of Vienna

Over time, natural gas replaced coal gas, and the gasometers were no longer needed. The gas plant was permanently shut down in 1984. After their decommission they were used for various purposes, including: a set in the movie James Bond: The Living Daylights and as a venue to host the Gazometer Raves. Sound in the large round structures reverberated and exhibited a special echo that was popular to the ravers in attendance.

Ghost Towns

Abandoned places and things of the past fascinate me. Here are a selection of my favourite ghost towns and disused buildings/theme parks.

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester (Chris Seward)