Artist Takeover

Fran­cisco Moreno is an Dal­las, Texas based painter who is cur­rently wrap­ping up his Mas­ters of Fine Arts degree at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). Shared above is a snap­shot of “Seven Days in Amer­ica”, an exhi­bi­tion in which Moreno trans­forms Oliver Fran­cis Gallery by paint­ing murals of the pre­vi­ous day’s head­lines over the course of a week.

The Burning House

he Burning House is a website based around one question… If your house was burning, what would you bring with you? It’s a philosophical conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental.

RFF Designers: Kormákur & Skjöldur

Kormákur & Skjöldur is a men’s clothing brand based in Iceland that was created thanks to the collaboration between Kormákur Geirharðson, Skjöldur Sigurjónsson and the fashion designer, Guðmundur Jörundsson. Originally Kormákur and Skjöldur run a menswear store downtown Reykjavík called Herrafataverzlun Kormáks & Skjaldar.

Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut is fascinated by anything in between. Corridors and clouds, not yet there and not yet solid. What if a sculpture were to be nothing but thin air, smoke or scent? Would we discuss the merits of one cloud over the other or would we just shut up in awe.

Berndnaut Smilde

Mysterious Italy by Giuseppe Desideri

Today we want to show you beautiful art photos of Italy. Teacher from Treviso Giuseppe Desideriwill show you his native land by a very unusual angle. Mysterious, sometimes looks like in the middle ages, Italy on these captures will amaze you and force to come to it in your next vacation and visit all these stunning places! Take a look!