Portraits of Addiction

In his portraits of sex workers and the homeless struggling with addiction, photographer Chris Arnade is neither demanding an increase in social services or gawking from the sidelines at others’ degradation. At their core, his “Faces of Addiction” portraits are simply about watching and listening to other people.


Scissor house

seoul-based BCHO architects have finished the design of a split-level residential house on jeju island, korea. located on the southern slope of the volcanic island, ‘scissor house’ gets its name from the way it navigates and interacts with the steep site.

Breaking The Fifth Wall

Mixed media artist Yovcho Gorchev creates mind-blowing images using that classic digital image format, the almighty GIF. In his series Breaking The Fifth Wall, Gorchev posits new theories of human perception, the diminishing value of physical space, and sensory experiments of a metaphysical nature.