Best Tilt-Shift Photography

Here’s a selection of the most impressive tilt-shift photography using these lenses via the good people at


Wolf art by Cristina Penescu

Drawings of animals Cristina Penescu look so realistic that they are easily mistaken for photographs. Incredibly, this Romanian self-taught has no formal education. “My love for art and nature began in early childhood,” says Penesku. The girl concentrated on fine art in the twenty years since acrylic paints, as well as prints.

Photographing the Sweet Crazies of Addis Ababa

The first metally ill person he saw in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, was having an animated chat with the sky in the middle of a roundabout. He had cigarettes in both of his nostrils, wore aviator sunglasses, and his outfit was a hodgepodge of frayed, worn-out, wonderfully matching pieces of clothing.

The Rise of Video Games

Pong: March, 1976

Compared with the revolution it would spark, Pong’s first appearance in Popular Science was somewhat lackluster. William Hawkins (who would go on to write many, many articles about video games for PopSci) says the sounds are a “fun gimmick” for both children and adults. The $99.95 game even keeps the score right on the screen.

The Rise of Video Games