The Flatiron Building

Recently completed by the Eastern Design Office is The Flatiron Building – a unique apartment building constructed in the Youkaichi district in Shiga, Japan. Inspired by the shape of the land the property needed to be built on no one wanted the land for several years, the apartment building features a sharp acute-angle at one end.


Marc Laroche

We know hair is important. To Marc Laroche and his photo series, “Hair,” it is the most essential thing. Hair moves, has an energy, and creates a story even if you don’t know the subject. Some of these stunning photos from Laroche’s series below… all the photos were shot in January 2011.

Have a Coke (cupcake) and a Smile Recipe

If you want some major sweet or savory drool action this fine day, you MUST head over to A Cozy Kitchen’s place and criss cross applesauce for a few minutes…hours…or a whole week (judge-free zone here). There’s enough to satisfy everyone. We’ll be BEGGING her for more recipe share-age soon, I’m sure of it.

Have a Coke (cupcake) and a Smile Recipe

Birds At Edge Of The World

Tufted Puffins (Lunda Cirrhata) domiciliate the northerly Pacific areas including Far Eastern oceans of Russia and assort equatorial areas of the Arctic ocean. The birds expend most part of their lives in an sea. They stay onto land 4 months a yr to breed.

The New Stuttgart City Library – Germany

Korean architect Eun Young Yi’s proposal was selected in 1999 from 235 competition entries as the plan for the new central library of the City of Stuttgart. The building of the 80-million Euro (about $108 mil. US) Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz began three years ago and the opening ceremonies took place last month.