Dennis Manarchy

A world renowned photographer has spent over ten years building a 35-foot long camera by hand. Dennis Manarchy has constructed the first-of-its-kind camera to travel around America and photograph the faces and history of vanishing U.S. cultures in their natural environments.

An A+ For Design

It’s not very often that we find places of learning designed with a fresh and unique look. They always tend to feel institutional and predictable. But I guess that trend is changing, as we can see in the Lycée Francais Saint-Louis in Stockholm, Sweden.

Guardian Camera Club

‘Echo’ is a good idea. The reflection does nothing though. The diagonal from middle man up to lady inside is worth capturing again. ‘Valentine’ depended on the position of the body reflected in the big heart. Or a heart positioned over part of a body.

Kushti … Briefly

India claims one of the largest and most socially influential traditional wrestling styles in the world. Wrestling takes place in softened earth, where a ghee mixture added to the soil.