Photographer Lee Jeffries worked as a sports photographer before having a chance encounter one day with a young homeless girl on a London street.

Haunting Portraits of the Homeless –

A Small book?

All the way out in Oregon, Studio Grom unveiled their vegetable tanned leather wallet which appears to be a small book! Inside the compact stack you can add your credit cards and business cards into the wallet and flip through them as if you were sifting through pages.

Jonathan Wateridge

In this thought-provoking series, Jonathan Wateridge gives us clues, but expects us to solve the mystery. Another Place consists of seven, large oil paintings depicting scenes from the production and narrative of a fictional American film that is centered around an unseen catastrophic event.

Bent Objects Art

Creating artworks using traditional and conservative formats isn’t such a big deal these days. A true artist is one who can create an artwork out of nothing, someone who has the creative ability and talent to put life into dull objects.

Sleeping Pills